Scary? But Worth It!

Oh my gosh I have eaten so many buckwheat cakes this weekend I should hang my head in shame! But I won’t. It’s my favorite delicacy and I have so many fond memories of this last weekend of September, even being nicknamed Buckwheat by my grandfather when I was a tot, that I just relish in these three days without guilt. To top it off, it’s a bonus Sunday so I get to tell a story!

Before I was a Realtor® I owned a pet store that specialized in reptiles and exotics. We had everything from little tiny geckos to 20ft pythons and I even had my venomous permit. Needless to say most of the clientele had no fear of all things scaly, but I can’t say that about all of them. One person whom I remember fondly had a paralyzing fear of snakes. She was standing outside the door one day with a concerned look on her face, so I went out to ask if she needed anything. She explained her phobia and that she wanted nothing more than to conquer it as she thought they were beautiful creatures and didn’t want an irrational fear to grip her the rest of her life. Living in Florida one encounters a good amount of them so it was something she dealt with regularly.  Standing outside the door was the closest she could get for now, but she came back several times a week to work on it. First she stayed outside, then she could stand outside with the door open, then cross the threshold, and so on.

Fast forward almost one year and she held a snake for the first time ever by taking baby steps – getting closer to cages, standing beside someone holding a snake and so on. The look on her face the first time I put that animal in her hand was priceless! She was terrified and exuberant all at the same time, so proud of how far she’d come with what seemed an unsurmountable task. From that point forward she was hooked and became not only a snake owner but a breeder as well an advocated for the hidden beauty of those creatures so many have trouble seeing.

What does this have to do with real estate? Quite a bit, actually. Since then I have counseled many people across the threshold of apprehension to take a plunge they were apprehensive about. Whether that was buying their first home or selling one they’d spent a lifetime in, each experience was as unique as it was beautiful. The moral of the story is, just because it’s a big step doesn’t mean with the right guidance and consideration it can’t be taken. Such major changes can be scary but, similar to a roller coaster, well worth it in the end.

Thanks for reading, please let me know if there’s a topic you’d like me to address in October. Until then, do me a favor and let the snakes slither by. They’re actually pretty cool little critters and important to the ecosystem of your little corner of the earth…

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