Friendly Competition

October is officially upon us. A month of transitions and change, cooling and quieting, letting one season go to allow for the next. I often find myself reflective this time of year, so I figured this week was a good time to pass along some thoughts.

I had the privilege of attending the West Virginia Association of Realtors annual convention at Oglebay a couple weeks ago. One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about my tenure as President this year, other than spending Sunday mornings with you fine folks of course, is getting to know many colleagues around the state and being more active on that level. This year’s convention was nothing less than fabulous and I learned so much! One of the more powerful lessons is that of friendly competition and comradery.

A unique aspect of this business many folks don’t recognize is not only how well we get along with each other given we’re competitors but how fiercely we can band together. Each year we gather as a state to celebrate each other’s accomplishments, learn together, thank those who served us for the past 12 months and congratulate those who will do so the next. We laugh, tell stories, give the occasional jibe, and offer advice when asked. This year I cheered fellow MBOR members as they were sworn in as state leaders, nominated for prestigious awards, and recognized for past accomplishments. Together as a state we raised over $28,000 in less than three hours for the Realtor Political Action Committee that is in place to protect our rights as property owners and tenants. As a group we learned how to better communicate to our clients and customers what they need to know in the largest transaction of their lives from a world-renowned real estate educator. We gained knowledge, relationships, and trust in one another that will help us work better with each other, for ourselves, and most importantly for our clients.

We did all these wonderful things while knowing one day we may be sitting across the table from one another at odds over a transaction that’s not going so hot, perhaps even arguing for the best interest of our client and making sure the end goal is reached. That we experience both these scenarios is the true seal of our professionalism and ethical strength. Without the good we see and bring out in each other the occasional bad scenarios would be so much harder to navigate. So, to my colleagues both locally and across the state, my hats off to your professionalism and moral fiber. And thanks for being a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with…

Until next time my friends, dust off the flannels as it’s finally starting to get cool out there! And don’t forget to send me your thoughts and ideas for what you’d like me to write about in the next couple months. I’d love to hear from you…

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